Rinaldi Francesco, Barolo 1961 Barolo

Rinaldi 1961便完美示範了何謂無懈可擊的顛峰Barolo




不失活力又底蘊十足 任誰也想像不了她的真身是花甲之年的Barolo


可說她是Borgogno 1961 的昇華版,更細緻更吸引


筆下寫到 “So pure, so energetic! A masterpiece that is at its peak!”

天呀!只能說 這真是款會衝擊想像力的酒呀


A masterpiece that is at its peak! Perfect illustration of a perfect Barolo!

1961 is one of the best ever vintage in Barolo, no wonder she has the potential to maintain her condition for such a long period.

Pale tawny in color with a bright rim. So transparent and expressive! Pure and clean! Loads of dry roses, tar, mushroom, truffle, sour plum and follow with some old oak, meaty and wet floor notes which adds a touch of complexity on the aromas.

The aromas are still fresh and young, who would have thought she is a 60 years old gal! What a paradox!

The presentation of the palate is breath taking, gentle and subtle but energetic! The smooth and round tannin integrate with the bright and high acidity perfectly. Together they built a three-dimension structure with lovely in-depth! And the finishing is so elegant and tremendously long! She has so much to offer and she still has a lot of room to grow! Not good but a great wine! Utterly out of this world masterpiece!

Score: 19.5/20 pts

Recommendation: 5* Stars – A Barolo that cannot be missed! Utterly out of this world!

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